A city in Idaho that's a lot safer and cleaner than Nampa.
Nampa has gangs, drugs, and hispanics. All Meridian has is a waterpark.
by musingmelody June 10, 2011
Top Definition
Hell on Earth. We can't even play pictionary anymore!
"Man, meridian is so wack."

"I know we can't even play pictionary any more."

"Yeah, or hangman."

"Hangman is so last week, shut up you fooligan."

by Ian "The Main Man" Mckenna April 14, 2005
The line that splits the earth.
I know where a meridian is.
by Graham Johncock May 09, 2003
The name of my child....

No not that town in Mississippi,

From Nortel Networks: a product line that includes M1, MSl-100, and norstar....
Meridian likes to bake cookies with her Mammy.
by bebe June 23, 2004
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