Commonly found in San Diego and is incredibly cute, funny, smart, and a great person all around. Words can't even describe how wonderful Meriah is.
Damn, I wish that girl was as beautiful, smart and AWESOME as Meriah! :D
by Michhhhhaaeeel May 07, 2011
The most bodatious babe EVER!
She is single mens.
Jump on it.
And her voice will automatically induce orgasms.

True story.
Hot man candy: Dude. Nice ass.

Meriah: Thanks.

*Guy jizzes and faints from Meriah's awesomeness*
by omnomnom.touchme February 04, 2010
a person of pure awesome.
hey, do you know meriah?

yah that girl is pure awesome.

where is she now?
idk hear shes out spreading awesome in the world.
by pengwinlurver February 02, 2010

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