A secret society made up of members of the awesome PPT Forums. They are a bunch of stuck-up asskissers who think they're better than you. Unfortunately, some of the members are moderators and the others are very influential.

Only Jasujo and Fiddelysquat are good people. As for Caesara, Chass, and the rest, they can go fornicate themselves with a rusty pipe.
That, my friend, is a jerk from Merfle.
by Cheese Pants March 18, 2006
Top Definition
Language spoken by baby dragons that is considered cute.

Famous baby dragons that are known to speak merfle include "Chef Merfle" and "Little Lizard" of the Merfle Munchies art series. Language example: "Merfle! Mer mer merfle!"
by Sixthleafclover December 17, 2010
An exclamation used in frustration, sadness, or when you are upset. The exclamation comes from a feeling that one is unable to put words to. It is usually a one word response followed by a hug of support.
"I didn't get the job"
by alizard February 04, 2010
Merfle is a brand of soap
I wash my hands with merfle
by bno December 19, 2004
To have an online orgy with a large group of people of varying ages, genders, and sexual preferences. Very similar to cult sex. It may be spoken of in Instant Messages with involved members, but never anywhere else outside the "merfle".

Also, a large, intimate group of people.
"Oh my god, I could sure go for a merfle right about now."

"You should have been online Friday. You missed one good merfle."

"You can't tell her that. She's not in the merfle"
by Ilovemerfles October 11, 2005
A magical place that automatically makes everyone who enters hot, cool, and fun. :3
Wow, merfle is so cool.
by nyssa December 24, 2003
A very much dyfunctional place where freaks and geeks and inbetweens interact and scare each other silly. It's great.
My mom says I've lost the majority of my brain cells upon entering merfle.
by Jennifer September 04, 2004
A place where we all dream our days away.
Merlfe is like a meadow in the summertime on a day with fluffy white clouds that make funky shapes.
by Jenn(neko) May 02, 2005
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