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1. (v) to drive slow, while playing "drive slow", while playing padiddle.
2. (adv)(Merendaly) to repeatedly apologize for nothing in particular
3. (adj) Being the most gangst-UH est purr-son EVAH! Fucka what?!?! suck on that bitch.
1.(v) Person 1- "Hey, lets go merenda in my car later!"
Person 2- "Okay, make sure the jams are bumpin"
2.(adv) Person 1- "Omg, i'm so sorry!"
Person 2- "It's okay, stop being merendaly"
3.(adj) Yo, bein a merenda, is like da most gangst-UH est thang, EVA! Don't be hatin on ma shit, bitch. Peace out FUCKAS!

by gagsta-love101 February 02, 2008
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