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most girls that go to mercy...

- will proudly walk the halls in spandex after school.
- can easily spend $20 on food in one day.
- have absolutely no idea where the black box is.
- can walk a very long distance in 5 minutes.
- will straighten their hair and actually WEAR make-up when the loyola jazz band comes to play.
- don't make fun of the freshmen, but "awe" at them.
- have been past 2nd base.
(that still doesn't make us whores...)
- eat until we can't anymore.
- avoid the hallway near the main office at all costs for fear of being yelled at.
- don't shave unless they have a boyfriend.
- don't wear make-up to school.
- complain that their advisors are too uptight.
- take french just for the breakfast.
- buy as much as they can on hot lunch days.
- are the ones to go to "jail" at calvert hall mixers.
- have an average gpa.
- know how to party.
- wear sperry's boat shoes.
- have a bookbag other than one from LL Bean.
- don't know that nutella is fattening. REALLY FATTENING.
- hate when the freshmen open the microwaves, hence not heating YOUR food.
- know what teachers to avoid in the halls.
- ALL girls know that MAGIC EXISTS!
- ALL girls know that PENGUINDIANS. DO NOT. EXIST.
*at chc mixer*
CHC Guy 1: "where do these chicks go?"
CHC Guy 2: "ah they go to IND."
CHC Guy 1: "LAME!!!"

*both walk away*
(ten minutes later)

CHC Guy 1: "damn, they're hot as fuck! where do they go?"
CHC Guy 1: "OH SHIT, they're sexy!"

by MercyGirlFo'LifeFOOL. September 14, 2009
A catholic whore house on a hill where innocent girls go to school and become sluts.
Jay Jay: hey did you meet the girl up the street?
Michael: yeah she is from mercy high school
by Zman71991 October 15, 2007
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