To fail on a level so great that ritualistic suicide is the only logical next step.
Brett Favre's pass against the Saints was such a merch.

Did you hear about Mike? He accidentally fucked a tranny. Such a merch.

I merched. Now I have AIDS.
#failure #fail #terrible #merch #merchfail
by BTYS February 04, 2010
Top Definition
Usually means providing a series of evidence of some kind to explain an event or action.
#slap it #prove it #swear #put it on something #show me
by Chiraq December 07, 2012
short for the word "merchandise". usually used by scene kids when talking about local bands new shirts and pins. they are accustomed to shortening almost all of their vocabulary anyways... ex: pictures=pics, camouflage=camo, oh my god!=oh em gee!
oh em gee! did you see the pics of *insert local band name here*'s new <b>merch</b> on their myspace?! it comes in camo print! i am so getting it in a small and then cutting it up to show my bleeding heart tattoo on my back!! yay!! <333
1.) Merch (n.) - Short for merchandise. This abbreviation is commonly used on websites that have online stores.

2.) Merch (n./adj.) - Used to refer to a wide spectrum of strains of marijuana. It is used to describe commercial-grade buds. Merch many times smells pretty good and has noticeable hairs on it. It is many times seedy. It can be good, but it isn't sought after nearly as much as chronic, however it is much better than schwag. It differs from chronic and so-called "Kind Bud" in that the smoke is more harsh, it is flavorless, and it is not as potent.
1.) Yo, check out the merch page on the Type O Negative website.

2.) Man, I tried to buy some regular old merch the other day, but all we got around here is chronic.
#mersh #schwag #cannabis #mids #reggies
by r0akh January 13, 2007
short for the word "merchandise". in liverpool

i.e weed, canabis etc
alrite lad any merch?
#weed #cannabis #skunk #pot #green
by drcannabis June 20, 2006
A shorting of merchandise, usually used for fandoms, like when you go to buy clothes or buttons or toys with things from your tv show on them.
Person 1: OMG I'm so exited for comic-con!
Person 2: I know, especially for the merch!
#merch #merchandise #comic-con #cosplay #fandom #fandoms
Ones belonings or merchandise
that ho stole my merch.
#belongings #property #food #drink #sexual organ
by Lil bow September 15, 2006
commercial "merch" grade marijuana.. just pot.. not Kind Bud Or Cronic
it was just merch but i passed it off as cronic
by Anonymous April 07, 2003
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