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A position for sexual intercourse, similar to missionary position, however, consent is not given. The origin comes from the forceful practices of Christian mercenary soldiers forcing religion on others. Similarly, one person forces their "practices" on another.
She was over the missionary position, but I wasn't, so we ended in the mercenary position.
by You're the Devil February 06, 2010
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a position for sexual intercourse in which one fuckee hires a professional soldier hired for service in a foreign army to lay upon the other fuckee.

1965–70; so called because it was allegedly favored by lethargic Christian missionaries working among indigenous peoples, in preference to positions in which the man approaches the woman from behind, with little work done himself.
God damnit woman I ain't got no more semen in me. You done run my well dry. Shit female, Imma have to break it out in mercenary position.
by cK March 03, 2009
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