person with serious problems... thinks about ass all day and likes to smell tylers clothes lol u know i love u meranda
tylers ass
by acacia December 14, 2003
A female, usually with excessive tattoos and a substance abuse problem. She will do anything to get her fix, including lying to and stealing from friends and family. A Meranda is an unusual case because she is intelligent but really messed up.
I can't believe my sister just stole $55.00 dollars out of my wallet and claims that I "must have lost it somewhere."

What a Meranda!!!
by DigThis November 05, 2011
Meranda is a girl who you might never want to talk to but you still will cuase you might get to fuck her! Even if you dont get to fuck her she is still a pretty hot chick so just wait and wait until you get to mount that saddle!
I almost got a Meranda last night! But she just talked all night.
by Sexcrazed April 11, 2009
a sexy person who loves tyler shields...
she also loves acacia,randa, and vanessa in a non lezzbian way hehe
acacia:hi meranda whats up?
meranda:tyler is mother fucking sexy!! oh hi how are you? lol
by me and ness December 14, 2003

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