The demonic cycle that goes on every month. Its when a woman spews vaginal juices and gets irritated REALLY easily... so dont fuck with them.
Bruno: Dude my mom was really pissed yesterday... she made me unclog the toilet!

Subject Q : thats gross, she was probably on her her menstrual cycle.

Bruno: I know right?!
by Test monkey May 30, 2009
Top Definition
A motorcycle only available to women.

It is characterized by it's unique exhaust note.
a menstrual cycle sounds like "Nag-n-nag-n-nag-n-nag-n-nag-n-nag-n-nag-n-nag-n-nag...BIIIIIIIIIIITCH-bitch-BIIIIIIIIIIITCH-bitch-BIIIIIIIIIIITCH!"
by DMIKEV August 24, 2009
The span of 28 days, any of which, 5-7 could be the worst of a mans life. During these days, woman cramp, ache, and bitch. The combination of these makes for one fussy little lady which in many cases may lead to a breakup if an excessive ammount of time is spent with the periodee.
"Wow, Katie looks good today"
"U'r my fucking boyfriend Johnny!!! You like her more than me, I thought I meant something to you... You want her you can have her. You always talk about her I bet. Never talk about me to her I bet. Or to any of your friends. I bet you dont even think about me. *starts crying* I'm so sorry, i love you, never leave me. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. *Starts crying again*"
"Wow, I wish I had a menstrual cycle just like you!"
by the coolest kid EVERRR November 10, 2005
menstrual cycle is a female bike ridden only once a month
i must be blind cause i didnt see her on her bike but jill jus told me shes on her menstrual cycle
by ODog N Cali M.C N T April 09, 2009
a bicycle a female rides to get to place to place.
boy 1: do you know what a menstrual cycle is?
boy 2: a good way to get around town thats what it is.
by i love shrek January 25, 2016
The twenty-eight day cycle between the release of female eggs, ovulation.
Tyrone kept Jennifer knocked up every time she ovulated because he couldn't stand the sight of a bloody cunt; therefore Jennifer's menstrual cycle was almost non-existent since she bore Tyrone's child yearly. When she started her periods again after each birth, he knocked her up again to minimize the bloody periods.
by Richard Black March 24, 2005
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