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menahga is the coolest town to be in. if you are not from menahga you are gay, just like sebeka ppl. there is so much stuff to do in menahga, such as: subway, cattage house cafe, bakery, spirit lake, and finally but not least menahga school (the best school to go to.)
do you go to menahga, no, than your gay
by cscs586734 April 23, 2010
a town full of white ass bitches who stab you in the back and then die horrible deaths from unknown is also the lamest place ever...dont ever go there...EVER! all there is is a guy with a grasshopper on a stick. By the way everybody there is Finnish and they will look down on you if you arent.
hey do you want to go to a party in Menahga? Hell no! all there is there is white ass bitches and hicks who think they are cool!
by l to the e October 05, 2006
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