When on the social network Twitter and tweeting with two other people. It is a menage a tweet.

I was twittering with two women when I thought this is like a menage a trois. So I thought hmm tweet plus menage a trois equals menage a tweet.
Tonight I will engage in a menage a tweet.
by 559mickey November 08, 2009
This comes from a french term "Menage a trois" which according to Wikipedia means "house of three". The three live together and have sexual relations. I dropped the trois and replaced it with Tweet.

This term defines a group of three conversing on the social network Twitter. Tweet defines the dialogue exchanged on the network.
This comes from a night of tweeting with two friends.
Tonight I was engaged in a menage a tweet. Tweeting with two other people at a time.
by 559mickey November 08, 2009

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