a word that fat joe jus randomly put in his verse on NEW YORK
now that mase is back i think i much rather find a menage
by J-NIGZ October 24, 2004
Top Definition
Short for Menage a Trois. Which is french for a threesome
"But now that Ma$e is back, I think I'd much rather find a menage"
by Klemonski November 12, 2004
a threesome for rappers.
"get a couple chicks, get 'em to try and do E, hopefully they'll menage before I reach my garage"
by Kennet September 28, 2007
Scottish slang: A particularly straightforward savings club usually operated by friends or work colleagues.
She couldnae run a menage
by Jazzy Spazzi December 21, 2004
a prettier word for a woman's clevage than 'clevage'
your menage looks fabulous in that new shirt.
by lovelygal February 03, 2009
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