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When two people are texting dirty messages back and forth and a third person jumps in the conversation unexpectedly when responding to an earlier G-rated text, they in return, unintentionally receive a dirty text. They become aroused, and join the textercourse. Thus creating a Menage a text
Earlier that day Texter #1 sent a photo text of a kid crying on santa's lap to everyone in their contacts list. Hours pass...

A heated sexual exchange of texts begins with texter #2:

Texter #1 "You made me so wet right now:"
Texter #2" Send me a photo "
Texter #1 "I have been in the mood all day"

UNEXPECTEDLY Texter #3 texts a response to the G-rated photo from earler to Texter #1

Texter #3 "Ha Ha Poor thing" (referring to the sad kid photo)

Texter #1 (coufused, but hitting reply before checking the sender... "It's okay i'll masturbate while thinking of you"

Texter #3 (counfused but aroused quickly replies to the dirty text) "Awesome, can I join you"

Texter #1 realizes the mistake and notifies texter #2

Texter #1 to Texter #2... "Our conversation has just turned into a Menage a text with Texter #3"

Texter #2 "Cool, lets have a threesome"
by Thegranitehills December 19, 2009
A sext threesome.
Me: I'm sexting with Sandy and all of a sudden she adds her friend Laura to the conversation.

George: A Ménage à text!?! This is like discovering accident.
Me: I'm telling you, I'm not ready to wear robes and use lotions while texting. I turned my phone off.
by SHLA August 10, 2014
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