not to be confused with the sound that an ambulance make's( mee maa mee maa). Me ma is what someone of the working class areas of Dublin (NAKERS) call thier mothers.
" story bud did ye see that slut" said anto
" that was me ma!" said deco
by grant kirwan May 11, 2004
Top Definition
A slang term for a grandmother. Used in many southern states, including Texas, Arkansas, Georgia, and Louisiana.
"Hey Mema! Where you goin'?"

"I'm headin' back into the house to get your Pepa."
by texarkanaborn November 02, 2012
What Jesus would call Christmas. Because he was probably clever and stuff.
Jesus: Hey...merry MEMAS! Get it! Because I'm witty!
by David. December 11, 2004
my lover, goes to school away from me
hey i cannot wait for mema to get home....she has been getting her learn on
by rem December 15, 2004
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