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The small, once peaceful city, that was invaded by Detroiters, basically ruining the city, especially the schools. Melvindale is mainly known for a lady stabbing her dad over a dinner roll, a drunk 14 year old being raped, and a racist former high school football coach. Melvindale is one step away from becoming a ghetto. They might as well give up and make it another part of Detroit.
Where do you live?" "My crib be in dat sity Melvindale
by sosickofthishittt December 08, 2010
A small, obnoxious city on the cusp of Detroit in Michigan. Part of a region referred to as "Downriver". Generally has a bad reputation within the area.
I can't believe that guy was from Melvindale. He could string together multiple sentences!
by daegan July 16, 2008