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Considered a name of royalty in Italian culture. Men and women with this name garner respect and have many conquests. Very passionate, intense and loud but respectful individual. Woman tend to befriend men named Melucci. Mistaken for a "girly man" on occassion since he tends to be found in the company of women.
Paul was sometimes considered a melucci because he could be found in the company of women frequently.

You are a melucci and you know it, you are always hanging around my wife.
by Stu Griffin July 20, 2011
a melucci can be very loveing to his girlfriends but still has to prove hes worth it to her best friends. often refered to as "girly man" or just called by the last name of melucci. most often have a facination with shoes.
"shut up melucci"
by Julia:D August 23, 2008

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