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When two gentlemen, usually heterosexual and inebriated, engage in a competition to see which of the two gentlemen can sustain an errection the longest, with a partially hollowed out melon over their penises.

The first to have their melon drop to the floor is the loser.
George and Alfed covered their throbbing hard cocks with the hollowed out remains of a delcious watermelon, having just agreed to a melon off.
Alfred, weak from the 13 cocksucking cowboy shots he had recently downed, lasted a meer 13 seconds before the watermelon dropped to the floor in what can only described as a bloody mess. George, delighted at his new found glory, shoved his ---- up Alfreds arse, and they both agreed they were all winners in the end.
by itsross May 06, 2008
Traditional male game often played at partys or gatherings. Requires: male players, erections, melons

Males make sizeable incision into centre of melon. Players then muster up, by whatever means possible, a stiff erection. Melons are then placed on top of stiify. The winner of the game is last man standing with a melon still penetrated.
Dave won the melon off last night. What a hoor a pissy boner he had.
by thebigheed May 25, 2007
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