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short for "Carmelo," as in Anthony, a stellar forward for the Denver Nuggets
According to the Sacramento Bee, Melo has the fifth most street cred in the NBA.
by Scalabrini March 25, 2004
A last name that derives from Portuguese orgin. You might know someone at your school with a variation of the last name i.e. Melo, Mello, de Melo, etc.
That MELO kid always has the freshest kicks.
#melo #mello #mellow #de melo #bay area
by Matt Melo July 03, 2006
A nickname for someone's journal. Also used to refer to the entire website.
Have you checked out Fujiko's melo lately?
by Alexia Lovecraft January 26, 2004
A very antisocial girl on Wattpad, who thinks she'll marry Michael Clifford and look like Hayley Williams.
-Melo- writes fanfiction about her imaginary husband.
#beyonce #booty #melody #melo #hayley williams #michael clifford
by punkrockmelo December 30, 2014
Stands for man eating lump of shit.
"You melos!"
by Drainer April 30, 2003
Word used to refer to the journal site in general, or individual user's journals.

Can also be used as an adjejctive to describe charachterisitics of melo users/general melodrama, or a verb "to melo" i.e. to update your journal or browse those of others.
"Wanna check out my melo?"

"Stop being so melo! You'll be crying when you wank off soon!"

"I haven't melo-ed in a day.....I think I have withdrawal symptoms"
by Sammeh May 25, 2004
Melo -- Melodramatic is a word to describe overly dramatic emos, or kids who want to be emo.

Emo kids, or kids who try to be emo are referred to as "Melo" or "Melodramatic" because of their attention seeking and lack of relevance in situations.
Jeff: I fucking hate you!

Ashley: Jeff, stop being so melodramatic.


Ashley: Oh for fuck sakes... You fucking melo.
#melo #melodramatic #emo #dramatic #attention
by sammyntony November 26, 2009
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