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Inspired by Mel Gibson. An emotional outburst of disparaging comments that reslut in negative consequences that force an insincere apology. Outburst may be accompanied by derogatory, racist, bigotted and or hateful verbiage.
Q: Dude what happened in court today?

A: "The judge was a shifty Jew and I totally melled it".
by AKAWhirlwind July 03, 2010
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1) v. the act of getting extremetly fucked up by playing ruit the night before a test and subsequently failing the test 2) v. the act of booting in a friend's fraternity houses' basement and passing out next to it
3) v. skipping homework and writing shitty lab reports in order to play beruit
1.Since the assignment was rumored to take over 3 hours to complete, he decided to get melled at the house all night.
2.After a half hour of studying for the test, he said to his buddy, "Fuck it, lets get melled tonight", and ended up with a 50 on the test.
3.You could tell he wanted to get melled when the 40 point homework question was left blank.
by Snax June 22, 2004
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When a girl farts during ( doggy style sex ) and shits on your dick.
Eddie was banging her from behind and got melled....
by Crisconlola June 05, 2016
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