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Mekenzley is amazing gorgeous, trustworthy, friendly, nice, pretty, awesome. & those.! & more.! She's my best friend.! & I'd do anything for her. She is like my real sister! I honestly don't know where I'd be without her. She is like my other half. She's seen my at my best & worst. & she's been here through all of it. & she never judges me. That's something that I like about her. (Not like that) she is the best friend in could ask for. Besides my other best friends. Lol. But she is just the best. & I love her.

Love you Kenz.!
- Makayla R. H.
Someone: I have the most amazing friend.!
Me: oh.! She must be a Mekenzley!
by MakaylaRebeccaH June 07, 2013

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