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1. To be bothersome.
2. Keep Pestering

Origin: Lancashire, UK
Shurrup wiv yer meithering!

Pronounced: (mI-ther) accent on the long I.
by Cbass July 31, 2003
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It's an old Lancashire (UK) word meaning to bother or worry someone by constantly asking questions............
"Mum, can I have this?" "Mum, can I do that?" etc....

Pronounced "mytha"
by Lesley Clakr June 21, 2003
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Jason: "I truly didn't enjoy that rectal exam!"

by RAESTAR December 11, 2002
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The correct spelling/pronounciation of the word "Neither"
a combination of "Me" and "Either" it makes way more sense...
"I don't really wanna go to work today"

by UnkyMertz September 08, 2010
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You smell good, you smell yummy, etc.
"Woah dude, meither! What kind of cologne are you wearing?"
by rostatostapotatoesladada May 24, 2009
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