egotistical transcript of one mans stuggle against the oppression of himself. written by mr adolph hitler AKA da' furher its a rambling of nonsensical pseduo political bullshit wherein mr hitler tries to pass blame on why nobody wants to play football with him.
mein kampf the bible for skinz and morons
by da original playa May 28, 2006
Top Definition
Book written by Adolf Hitler during his imprissionment in 1921 detailling his philosophies about Germany and its need for power, and later he added a second part in which his anti-semetic beliefs are outlined. Ultimatly, it is revered as the Nazi philosophy book, but is actually a great source for history at the time *the first part, not the second*
Mein Kampf was written by Adolf Hitler
by Mike Truitt June 11, 2003
Means My Struggle. This book was written by Adolf hitler and second to the bible, has sold more copies than any book ever written.
a book to see inside the head of evil. Mein kampf will show you what a dictator thinks
by yankee September 22, 2005
Book written by Adolf Hitler, dictator of Germany during WW2.

Mein Kampf was a recommendation in Oprah's Book Club.
by Biopraga May 23, 2006
Most of it is literary genius.
I have Mein Kampf. I read Mein Kampf. I'm no Nazi.
by Jewbar June 05, 2004
Book written by German dictator Adolf Hitler around the time of WWII, very opinionated but quite interesting. Very heavy going so don't expect to understand straight away.
Interesting book but very opinionated.
by Scott Shabib May 27, 2005
a) "my struggle" as translated from German
b) the title of Hitler's political commifesto
c) one's personal, political and social crusade
you can publish any commifesto you want, but be careful that your mein kampf definition c) isn't misunderstood and misinterpreted by the wrong people, only to become mein kampf, definition b)
by sexydimma February 28, 2015
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