German for "my part" (referring to genitals), quite cool to slip into the odd sentence. Rammstein song... try typing "making of mein teil" into google video... then you shall understand.
"mein teil is itchy" "tmi, ming man"
by n00binat0r July 10, 2006
Top Definition
German for "My Part". Teil is also a slang term in German for "Penis."
Es ist mein Teil – nein
Mein Teil – nein
Da das ist mein Teil – nein
Mein Teil – nein
(Taken from the Rammstein Song "Mein Teil")
by You don't need to know my name. February 15, 2005
German for "my part" but is also slang for "penis" like using the word thing in english. "Mein Teil" is also a song by the Industrial Metal group Rammstein. The song is rumoured to be related to the german cannibal a couple of years ago.
Lecken mein teil bitte.
by Ub3r 1337 n3rdz0r July 08, 2005
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