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Typically a confused man who doesn't know what his heart truly wants. He sometimes goes for the good girls, but then realizes he doesn't need them. Although his heart knows its direction, his minds does not.
"He's such a Mehrez, he can't make up his mind!"
by patpouty January 10, 2010
The most amazing god like being every to walk the earth. A being so mighty and powerful that she is the idol of millions who love and adore her. Nothing can come close to Mehrez, although so many do try.
Person 1: I'm absolutely on top of the world today!! Nothing can bring me down..I almost feel..Mehrez like.
Person 2: Puh-lease girl you just offended me. No one imitates Mehrez, especially someone as lowly as you.

Person 1: Omgomgomg mom you wouldn't believe this!! I'm shortlisted to be one of Mehrez's minions!!
Person 2: Well done! You finally have a reason to live!
by prxxx August 15, 2011
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