To have an uneven Scroto sac as well as testacles or the balls itself. Normally the left nut sac would represent the length of a black mans penis. Less commonly, the combined size of both balls can knock a kitten unconscience.
Ex 1: "Dude your Mehran is hanging out of your pants."

Ex 2: "My Mehran killed a cat! It really works!"

Ex 3: "I lost my laptop in my Mehran."

Ex 4: "I'm sorry John, you have Mehran syndrome."
by Funnie Choker May 03, 2010
Top Definition
Pretty much the awesomest person in the world, and the best boyfriend any girl could ask for. You're damn lucky if you've got him.
I fuckin' love Mehran.
by fpp July 07, 2011
The fucking god of clubbing. He has more swag than all rappers put together. Used to smoke with 2pac back in the day. This bitch gets all the ladies and is often seen flirting with any girl with legs and breasts. In the bedroom he fucks anything that moves exlcuding guys cause that's gayer than fuck.
Guy 1: Bitch I heard this fuck called Mehran fucked my wife.
Guy 2: Dude you better stfu that was his girl before you put a ring on her finger.
Guy 1: My wife is used good?!
Guy 2: Fuck ya.
Guy 1: Fucking Mehrans
by Dr.Earl Gray July 07, 2011
1. a massive tool
What a Mehran!

Mehran (also a name) never took off his sunglasses indoors
by TheDougheyMan June 07, 2010
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