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the lint and other items found in the human bellybutton. Synonym for bellybutton lint
Dude, I'm going to make mehmeh cookies.
by bustapost August 13, 2008
Someone that doesn't care about anything at the moment and answers every question with the word Meh
Riza: Hey, how did I beat you outside?

Nutterz: Meh

Riza: that is the third time you have answered with meh stop being a Meh Meh
by diabolicmisfit January 11, 2009
(noun) Used in place of a swear word to describe someone as a meanie or a jerk.
You took the last cookie?! You Mehmeh!!!
by triplecool95 May 09, 2011
A dumb, little dog (or if used loosely can pertain to any dog) with it's ear tucked back.
"OMG, my dog is being such a Meh-Meh right now!"
(dog oblivious to his misfortune.)
by JKim2DaMax April 07, 2011
An onomatopoeia for sex, symbolic of panting.
"I think we should dip outta here and go have some mehmeh."
by Dingobrat January 21, 2010
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