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Someone that doesn't care about anything at the moment and answers every question with the word Meh
Riza: Hey, how did I beat you outside?

Nutterz: Meh

Riza: that is the third time you have answered with meh stop being a Meh Meh
by diabolicmisfit January 11, 2009
17 10

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the lint and other items found in the human bellybutton. Synonym for bellybutton lint
Dude, I'm going to make mehmeh cookies.
by bustapost August 13, 2008
12 6
(noun) Used in place of a swear word to describe someone as a meanie or a jerk.
You took the last cookie?! You Mehmeh!!!
by triplecool95 May 09, 2011
7 5
A dumb, little dog (or if used loosely can pertain to any dog) with it's ear tucked back.
"OMG, my dog is being such a Meh-Meh right now!"
(dog oblivious to his misfortune.)
by JKim2DaMax April 07, 2011
3 2
An onomatopoeia for sex, symbolic of panting.
"I think we should dip outta here and go have some mehmeh."
by Dingobrat January 21, 2010
2 8