stupid slut, who thinks throwin up the dueces and wearing aviators 24/7 is fucking sexy.
Her crew runs cumberland.
"Damnnnnn, that meggles be throwin it up"
by Hunniesz12 February 03, 2009
Top Definition
Nickname for "Megan" or "Meagan".
"Hey Meggles, want to grab lunch later?"
by largeboat January 08, 2012
A peculiar race and/or species native to North America. Rumored to have descended from Dauphin Island, Alabama, these Meggles are insane.
Any person named Megan who fancies British males, Sonic, and being RA of the Year is a Meggle. She also should be sassy.
by Meggleh8r4lyf January 11, 2013
Meggle is a german delicatessen and cheese company that basically deals in cheese products , Meggle is also a nickname from its bigger brother 'Megan',which is a popular name in Europe and some small parts of Korea.
'Meggle' also means perfection in the native language of Berkina Faso , a region in the south east of Africa.
Bryan:hey man,i love that girl meggle.

Bill: What kind of name is meggle?

Bryan: a fucking cool one bill, a fucking cool one.
by Atomicpunk4567 February 22, 2009
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