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A very intelligent immortal who has the powers to persuade, read thoughts, and knows the secrets of life.
A Meggan is very secretive person, and shy to many or all people. Meggan has the ability to twist words in such a way so she can confused you and get what she wants.
An example of Meggan need not be explained.
by Chesto August 18, 2010
A Meggan is a weird and mysterious creature whose very nature is prone to contradiction. They are insistent that their name be spelt correctly yet they themselves will neglect to use correct spelling or grammar in any circumstance. Extremely tolerant of the flaws of other people they consider the slightest abnormality on themselves to be a Horrible disfigurement even if it would be considered cute or adorable.
1.) That girl is having such a meggan at that pimple
2.) I misspelt that chick's name and she pulled such a meggan on me
by Evilbelgian April 12, 2010
A girl, usually Irish with red, curly hair, who is one of many children. Beautiful and witty, yet born with a 'tude she never leaves home without (sometimes even referred to as a bit of a biznatch). Vivacious and HATES when her names is misspelled. Also a vodka lover, especially at work, who hates crabs and usually wears green. Sometimes rebellious and gets pulled over for an expired inspection sticker.
1) Girl 1: Is that a clown?
Girl 2: No! That's a Meggan!

2) I can't think of a good comeback. I'll just call Meggan before I reply.
by KatieDawg December 28, 2009
a dirty, trampy, douche needing whore who loves military bums and involves her self with being to pretty and she thinks she is an indian.
god your being a meggan
by rolondo76 August 24, 2008

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