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A superhero who is paralyzed from the neck up; they must be confined to an ab-rocker
JT The Megaplegic whore
by JT November 08, 2004
A bixy like sex fiend who defies all odds by being the first hooker to practice his/her art in an ab rocker; Is prone to random outbursts of flight.
"J.T.'s abs look better than a megaplegic on steroids"
by Bixy November 09, 2004
A whore (cum Dumpster) who can fly (a superhero, see megaplegic def. #1) Has the uncanny ability to break free from their megaplegiality and soar higher than all the paraplegic whores in the known universe
Nicky B, Mista JT, Big Al C, Bixy
by JT November 08, 2004
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