Actress who, though not rather good, has gained the attraction of teenage boys aorund the world (dispite having a boob job, lip plumping surgery and a nose job).

Attractive but boring, mainly due to the same pose she uses for every photo taken of her and her kind-of desperate "tomboy" act she puts on.

Girls apparently can't like her because guys will say they're jealous - and boys can't say it either because then they would "be gay".

Was much prettier naturally, and is the downfall to every teenage girl suffering with low self esteem. Along with Cheryl Cole, girls now pine to look like this in an attempt to look like what their male peers find most attractive.

This then results in the crushingly low feeling girls feel due to the male peers commenting on how "hot" Megan Fox is, "the hottest girl alive". Not acceptable when told to your girlfriend.

Said by many guys to be "curvy", but the hourglass figure shows a difference of 9 inches between the waist and hips, which is near impossible considering her American size 2 figure.
Girlfriend: Let's go see a movie!

Boyfriend: Yeah, Megan Fox is in Jennifer's Body, she's the hottest girl alive.

Girlfriend: You're dumped.


14-year-old guy 1: Megan Fox is sooooo fit

14-year-old guy 2: Oh yeah I just jizzed in my pants

14-year-old guy 1: Lets go wank over her

14-year-old guy 2: Nah I have to go see my girlfriend

14-year-old guy 1: Pussy.
by NadddRush November 28, 2009
Incredibley sexy and talented actress that dudes wanna do and women are jealous of so they dis on her
Boy: I wanna fuck her so bad, megan fox is hotter then Hell
Girl: Shes fake and is only good looking becuz of surgery
by Pendillum January 05, 2012
A very intelligent and beautiful girl that alot of people( mostly other girls) dislike because they have the misinterpretation that very pretty girls are almost always self-centered bitches. She may not be the best actress in the world, but she is also not a horrible one either. Alot of girls are jealous and insecure about themseleves, so they like to hate, bash, and ridicule Megan because she has been in the spotlight for the last couple of years, and seeing a pretty girl overexposed like that frightens the shit out of them. If bitches would fuck off and stop being fucking followers jumping on the "lets hate on Megan Fox" bandwagon, then everybody will be better off so we can ALL coexist peacfully.
Jim- What the fuck is wrong these hoes today?

James- Shit, I don't know, they probably got their panties stuck up between their ass cheeks or sumthin.

Jim- Haters gonna hate I guess, even when they don't have a valid reason to do so.

James- It really doesn't matter anyway, cuz in the morning Megan Fox will still be prettier than most these ugly ass bitches who have no lives.

Jim- True, True.
by King Ding-a-ling February 13, 2012

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