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1. n) A giant robot posessing immeasurable destructive power; Primarily retro-fitted with various sorts of fantastical weaponry (i.e. Piston Arms, giant Head Laser). Rumored to be ancient gods reincarnated. Plural Megadeus.

2. n) A giant punch, usually a one-hit KO. Plural megadeus.
1. The Megadeus are Metal Gods, and they will lay waste to this world!

2. What a megadeus! That other guy'll be out for like an hour, at least.
by Chaz July 06, 2004
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A term for taking a rather large shit. Coined after needing to shit after watching waaaay too many episodes of the anime Big O, this particular dump is not unlike unloading a giant-ass robot from the launch bay.
Mark: Dude where are you going? You're going to miss the best part of the movie!

Trent: I be back in a bit, I have to go take a Megadeus.
by TWolf87 November 09, 2010

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