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megasweet |ˈmegəswēt



1. (Of person, place, thing, sound, or taste) Having the characteristic of being vastly appealing

2. Used as a phrase for emotional emphasis in various phrases and exclamations.


1. A talented artist who uses "MegaSweet" as a pseudonym and creates art for the My Little Pony: FiM Community.


Jackie: Bitch, come taste this soup.

Sin: Fuck that soup, get me something megasweet.


Jackie: That hooker you bought me had the itch.

Sin: Megasweet.



Jackie: Hey bro, did you check out that new shit MegaSweet dished out yesterday?

Sin: Fuck yeah man, I've been ready and waiting all week with my pants off.
by Jackie Sin June 15, 2011
really cool
those are mega sweet shoes
by Anonymous July 13, 2003
noun/adjective: beyond mortal comprehension in its awesomeness, often used when referring to tits, beer and captain beefheart. Sometimes used when referring to 3-D Specs, LSD and Fractals
Tommy: Billy, we have the holy trilogy of the megasweet.
Billy: I agree Tommy. Those tits, beer and musics from the cappin' are megasweet things.
by Funk Ex Nihilo March 18, 2011

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