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A brute attack that consist of the attacker flying in the air at 3.00*10^8 m/s. While flying, the person body will build of a deadly electricity(40 kilo amperes) and strike his/her opponent(s). This attack is unavoidable. Mega Psycho Crusher is a "one-hit kill." Mega Psycho Crusher is an equivalent of an output of 40 grams of Chucktanium energy. Mega Psycho Crusher is also an occupation that help provide funeral service hence bringing the dead body down to ashes.

Funeral Service Provider: I'm sorry for your loss.
Over Sensitive Chick (Crying): I wish he could live another 190 years; he's to young to die.
Funeral Service Provider: He served his time. We can not let his body freeze in the harsh blizzard any longer. Your soul will survive through this lonely winter...I promise.
Over Sensitive Chick (Crying): WTF, what are you intending to do? Tell Me! (So emotional)
Funeral Service Provider: Listen! he served his time; it's time to end your misery...MEGA PSYCHO CRUSHER!! (velocity increase; endothermic process "catapultulate."
Over Sensitive Chick (Crying and shouting): NOOOOOOO!
(BOOM!, the corpse is now reduce down into ashes)
Funeral Service Provider: RIP.
(Since Mega Psycho Crusher travel at the speed of light, The Over Sensitive Chick screaming sound can't travel as fast in comparison. Hence, the logic fits perfectly: When summon, Mega Psycho Crusher can't be stop, regardless.

by BenchMax345 February 24, 2008
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