meera is like the most amazingest person in the whole wide wor, she is so cool and pretty and stunning and beautiful and like etc...

everyone wants to be herr, she is a don <3
shes like so pretty and i know you all want to be like her because i sure do!!!

shes the best in the whole wide world!!!!!!!
i want to be meera
by a fan of meera May 04, 2011
An extremely cute kitten that is very nice and DA best in every way possible. She has the powers of delivering the best openers in a courtroom.
Meera: Members of the jury, I am Meera.
Judge: You cute kitten!
by Riggsed November 30, 2010
To Meera (verb)- Caribbean slang, popular amongst the Engineering Industry. To steal/covet a friend's belongings/interest. Usually used when someone, who is supposedly a friend, steals that friend's love interest.
The accountant totally meerad the engineer last night when she danced with that guy she liked.

You had better eat that last piece of chicken before she meeras it.
by NotACEPEmployee October 23, 2013
A smokin' fiery fiesty muchacha who's tanilicious and extremely well-dressed. Of the Indian and El Salvadorian descent. She goes after little kids...more of a cougar.
This girl is soooooo meera. I mean, she even likes rats shaped like little wangs.
by Makaykayyyyyy April 19, 2011
An Indian girl from Wisconsin who does yoga.
Hey Meera! Aren't you late for yoga class?!
by yogagirl August 04, 2009
Malarkey or bologne
That shit is meera. Dont give me that meera I am an educated college man.
by The Smithsonian Institute November 07, 2008
a type of fish, known for being fairly obese. found mainly in waters around india. also known as a "meerafish".
wow look at that meera swimming around!!
by jboy December 01, 2006

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