Amazingly cool and awesome, hyper intelligent, and beautiful Indian girls. Usually younger. Chances are they are hopelessly romantic.
"Who's the super hot valedictorian?"
by zazazazazazazaza February 28, 2010
Top Definition
Mirabai (1498-1547) (also spelled Meera) was a female Hindu mystical poet whose compositions are popular throughout India. She was a 16th-century Indian princess who devoted her life to the god Krishna.

The name 'Meera' is of Israeli and Hindu origin, and its meaning is "light; saintly woman. Also means "prosperous" in Sanskrit.
Meera was the godess and devotee of Lord Krishna
by SMA516 November 07, 2006
A very nice girl with a hot body, killer personality, and good looks.

Usually sporty, but at the same time, very smart. Everybody likes her.

Very cute. Most of the times, a Meera is classified as innocent because of her eyes.

Even though she is innocent, she is also a very flirtatious and cunning girl.

A very strong and determined person. She is tough, but sensitive too.

She never gives up and believes everything is good.

Always happy and energetic. Hard to bring her down.
Oh, look, that girl is just like a Meera.
by hellohibonjourhola February 19, 2011
a meera is a hot chick (normally indian)
"Shawty is a meera" "That meera's hot"
by time1 September 04, 2009
a name which comes from Sanscrit word for "ocean" see also Mira
Hello, my name is Meera. My name means ocean. What does yours mean? Oh... that's a lot less cool than Ocean.
by Mira J January 22, 2008
Normally a popular, preetyish girl. generally influnced by men and not by friends.
naughty but also very friendly. people will hate her at first but will then start to like her.
my i use to hate meera but now we are really good friends.

by coolfuck February 15, 2009
An graceful and beautiful girl. She may often times be referred to as a "good little kitten", because of her cuteness.
Who's that girl?
That's Meera, shes a good little kitten.
by Officer Riggs November 30, 2010
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