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Meepsheep is a sysop on Encyclopedia Dramatica. While he claims to be a troll, his constant time on Wikifur and Flayrah, and his animal avatar proves he is a closet-furry.
Meepsheep: Yiff in hell furfags! *faps desperately to sheep cunts as he tries to avoid the flames*
by Equivamp June 29, 2011
a male human who has a very hairy anus.
Did you see Joe? He bent over and his pants fell down! I can't believe he has a Meep sheep!
by aztehuesna22 May 15, 2011
Man who is notoriously gay
zomg he's a Meepsheep ^_^~~~
by tetsujin__ March 23, 2012
Man who is notoriously straight
zomg he's a Meepsheep ^_^~~~
by PatroclusRex September 27, 2012