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Meeked v. - 1. To be completely an underly submerged in the aura of a superior playa.
2. To be completely striped of any feeling of self worth or meaning in life with the sheer sight of a superior playa.
I got so meeked by that playa from Jersey, his chain was real diamonds.
by Suuuuup Meeks June 28, 2010
When a rapper starts beef with the wrong one and goes from being at the top of his game to becoming the joke of the industry in less than a week.
"Mannnn, Meek Mill really got meeked by Drake."

"I ain't beefing with any of the greats, I don't wanna get meeked."
by Rec0gn1ze September 01, 2015
To be publicly dissed and shut down. To put some one in their place. To lose ebarrassingly in a verbal battle (usually a rap war). Origin: "Back to Back" diss song by Drake aimed at Meek Mill
"Oh snap, he got meeked. There is no coming back from that."

"The kid thought he could challenge a veteran of the game but he ended up getting meeked real quick."
by cjtheish August 30, 2015

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