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A person that is helpless or weak as a result of their own insatiable self-centeredness.
Michelle would do her own work if she wasn't such a meeble.
by ericlohman March 22, 2007
The chicken that KFC uses. The chickens get so deformed and abused in the slaughterhouses/chicken farm places that they begin to loose their chicken-like appearance.
KFC sure fries up some tasty meebles.
I'm craving some tasty meeble meat
by B7 King December 12, 2009
The sound a person makes when they roll over under the influence of alcohol. Also can be used as a word to break an uncomfortable silence.
Belly Boo says: Wow Charlie, get up off the floor. How much have you drank?
Charlie says: Meeble, meeble, meeble, meeble.
by Belly Boo June 26, 2006
An interesting word spawned deep in the catacombs of a private school. (How'd that happen?)

It usually signifies something along the lines of affirmative, or can also be used to denote shock or fright.
Person one: "It's so cold!"

Person two: "Meeble!"
by Peppermint February 12, 2005
Happy or i agree
If said sadly means You're a big weenie or meanie.
Happy Example:
Do you want to go to the mall?
Sad Example:
Hey stupid you suck!
by overlord glee February 15, 2005
The Art of Procrastination, powered by tea.
Jane stepped away from her desk for a quick meeble before commencing on the monumental task in hand.
by Siddiqi October 15, 2007
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