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Media Made is an adjective used to describe someone who is basically media created. These people have the tendency to have only the most popular radio played songs by that particular artist on ones mp3. This person may while listening to a song get very into singing even if in a car. A media made person is also someone who enjoys talking about celebrity gossip. A media made person is someone who may say, "Wait up while I grab my Northface", Notice this Media made person called it by its brand name rather than a jacket. A media made person is someone who may express to the world that they are drunk, (frunk). A media made person is also someone who may feel the need to keep saying that he or she is high and may stress the fact and go out of their way to make people aware of they do "the cool thing". A media made person also is one who is most likely to say "Be Ware of the Swine Flu and West Nile", A media made person can be when a guy can many times be found wearing a flat brimmed hat, possibly white framed sunglasses, diamond earings, and a pair of colorful shoes, also know as, clothes worn by a broski. A media made person can many times be found belonging to a frat and paying for friends. A media made person feeds off the media and tries to pass it along to other often enjoying the most popular and "in style" thing to do.
This guy i know is straight up media made, he basically sucks on the media's balls, what a douche bag i tell ya.
by mack_return May 16, 2009
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