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Medhanie, not to be confused with Medhoney. Medhanies are little babies who reside in the Nasty Northwest. Don't expect Medhanies to eat any foods that include onions, avocados, pickles, or meat that is not well done etc. Medhanies are very picky eaters. Medhanies DO love to eat french fries, breakfast sandwiches, thai food, and enjoy drinking white chocolate mochas from time to time as well. To keep a Medhanie happy, it is imperative that you allow him to think that he is a genious, and let him win fantasy football games as often as possible. But, if you keep a Medhanie happy he will be a very loyal friend. You want a Medhanie on your side!
Damn look at that sexy guy Medhanie! I think I'll order him a vodka sprite and a well done burger, no onions.
by ilovesnails November 11, 2012
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