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When ones hands are tired, they invert themselves mostly on the stomach to rest, but sit between the tit flap and the hip fat of ones body. See also lazy.
Polly was going down each aisle looking for food, she couldn't find what she was looking for, so she just medged and left the store.
by Staplesohmy November 02, 2008
A term for describing something/someone withoutstanding bodily odor, and foul teeth. Can be a word which can be adapted into songs. Don Vito Margera has been described as a Medge.
'i'm medge im five and my dads bruce lee,
drives me around in his JCB'
by Julie Stainbank February 11, 2010
to describe something which has a minty edge
jesus I wish I'd have waited a bit since brushing my teeth to enjoy this delicious & nutritious pint of lambrini, my word it has terrible medge now, tally ho, us girls know to have fun
by uncle knobhead February 06, 2014
term used to describe either a greedy or otherwise unsociable person
"Dude, that chick just ate all the food"
"What a medge"
by Demascus June 29, 2008
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