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The ultimate definition of insanity; not only is it crazy, but it is usually overly OCD, and probably has been, currently is, or will be a pedophile. Don't mess with it, for it hates to joke around. Also, a Mecoyah has a great love for Freight Trains and "Shock and Awe."
Example 1: "Man, my teacher just handed me a 60 question study guide and told me, 'You be lookin sexy in dem jeans girl.'" "Wow, what a Mecoyah!"

Example 2: "OMG, we had a pop quiz today in US, it came at us like a freight train!" "Way to be a Mecoyah."

Example 3: "Nicholas, I want to know about your wife." "THAT'S A LITTLE PERSONAL. YOU'RE CLEARLY HIGH, AREN'T YOU?!" "GOD, you don't have to be such a Mecoyah!"

Example 4: "I just keep raping your class." " rape things, too?" "...what a Mecoyah..."

Example 5: "Yo man, I found a picture of a guy licking his foot and he looks EXACTLY like you!!!" "That's disgusting...I feel like I just got hit by a freight train..." "What are you, a Mecoyah or something?"

Example 6: "All righty class, 'Shock and Awe' is coming at you momentarily!" "It's not like you're a Mecoyah or anything..." "Hey, don't say that! I know how to take a joke!" "Oh yeah? Well then, I like your UGGS, who bought them for you, your wife?" "THAT'S NOT FUNNY." "...Exactly."
by Meuymeu January 14, 2012
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