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A ring of muscle surrounding the opening of the body that lies in the anal area.

A butthole.
Kraig: "Hey Sharon, can you pass me the salt"
Sharon: "Oh yeah, sure not a problem. But I'll have to warn you I've been itching my meatring for hours and it might be a little gross."
Kraig: "Hahaha. Oh Sharon, we've known eachother for years. You might be a discusting person, but your a strait shooter and I've gotta respect you for that."
Sharon:"We've been friends for years and you know kraig that really means a lot."
by Stilts McGuilts February 10, 2011
A very large and puckered anus.
My meat ring resembles a wad of chewed bubble gum.
by Lisa Lu May 23, 2007
1. A ring of meat filled with random vegetables and potatos.

2. A meat contraption created by Sally Peters probably because she had random vegies and hamburger and mashed things laying around.

3. A favortie pastime meal of the Peters Family!
Do not let Katy eat snax at youth group because she didnt' finish her meat ring.
by blank December 12, 2004

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