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Very saggy breasts; Usually long enough to touch the middle of the abdomen. When doing push-ups, they will touch the ground, even with the arms fully extended.
Justine has some pretty nasty meatlocks.
by Superdouche January 16, 2010
When two guys put their dicks into a Chinese Finger Trap.
Last night, those two gay guys meat locked for a whole hour.
by Louns O'Tool October 18, 2009
Meatlocks are fat, girthy arms on women that look like they could choke out Lou Ferrigno.
Greg: Go ask that chick to dance.
Me: Which one?
Greg: The one with the meatlocks.
Me: No thanks, faggot
Greg: Hahaha!

I tried to go all "Over the Top" on that bitch but her meatlocks put me out of business. She was one tough customer.
by colbra December 10, 2009