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1.The Meat Warmer commonly dwells in humid climates. It patrols the strrets in search of sexual profit,i.e. a hooker.

2. Meat Warmer:Adj./V. - An old woman or one of less than average looks sitting at the end of the bar when everyone is leaving. She has struck out with the good lloking men and now sits in wait for the most drunk of the leftovers to ask her to accompany him home. She of course will do the favor, only if to ease her suffering and feelings of rejection. She knows that she is simply a hole to fill when nothing else pans out for the loneliest of men.
"Ahh, these girls are out of my league and I am horny. Guess I am drunk enough to take home that meat warmer"!- see also, Swamp Donkey, Jackel Arm, & Goin' Hoggin'.
by WindoLickr June 10, 2009

1. A derogitory term for a woman who is of little value to her male companion.

2. A woman who is of average atractivness at a club/bar who is "picked up" by a man who is just looking for a vagina to hump for the night.

3. A female who is used for sexual gratification with no comitments and is easily forgetable by the male afterwards.
4. A forgetable but fuckable woman.

5. Slang for temporary or non-commital vagina.
Guy1-"Yo! Jack, you get anything good trolling at the club last night?"

Guy2-"Nah. I partied hard but there were to many chads around to get a good bite. I ended up taking home a meat warmer to tide me over till friday night."

Guy1.-"What's her name dude?"

Guy2.-"Don't know man. Doesn't matter. She'll be gone tomorrow anyway so who cares."
by armoroid 5000 September 10, 2009

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