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The meatman...aka Andy stevenson.. also known as poncho meatman
THat guy is a fucking meatman he cleans the machines of blood and guts. A very degrading and worthless job..spit on him when you see him he works at meijer
by mike oxlong November 18, 2004

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A door-to-door salesman, peddling frozen steaks, seafood and chicken, from a dilapidated non-refrigerated freezer in the back of a broken down pick-up truck. The quintessential meat man is quick witted, fast talking and slicker than slippery elm and lanolin. He is revered by shit breathers and considered a GOD in trailer parks, section eight housing complexes and suburban blighted communities throughout the United States.
Shit breather: "Yo, Meat Man! Why am dem T-bones black?
Dey look like dey been de-thawed and shit!'

Russ: "No, no, no. It's... um... Aged Angus! Yeah, that's it!

Aged Kentucky Black Angus!"
by Russ and Gus May 07, 2011
A Man With A Big Ass Dick


A Man Made Of Meat such as pork, or steak
What A Meat Man, He's Pork and Dick!
by Mr. MooMar July 11, 2010