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Some little geeky nerd who plays with himself and smiles cheesily all th etime. You always catch him with his hands around his crotch or somethin
You little meat beater, get your fuckin hands outta your pants.
by Eratic Dreamer May 27, 2004
Refers to some ones hands in a offensive manor.
Keep your meat beaters off my nachos hooker!
Meat Beaters are a hands. The reference is derived from men who beat the meat.
Friend 1: "Hey what's this?"
Friend 2: "What the hell get your meat beaters off my shit!"
by Mahogany February 28, 2007
cocksucker is someone who sucks cock, meatbeater is someone who gives handjobs
that slut is a meatbeater
by Sierra H November 15, 2007
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