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The vibrant iratic movement in which one male flashes his genitalia in a swift, slap-like motion. Usually performed for/to sluts like Britney Spears. The meat show can be a gesture of mating, or can be used to disgrace another mans small juevos.
That meat show I performed last night started with some good old ecstasy, and ended with me humping a dead moose. I really don't remeber what happened, but I could say, that using my meat stick, I cohersed to moose to mate, and then slapped him with it, in a stab-like movement, Ending the mooses tragic life. I then skinned him, and wore him as a coat......

Im still wondering where I got this fucking sweet coat. I don't know. It's warm. This is just a wild guess, but I'm very sure, I pounded that moose poon, or was it Britney Spears?
by M.C. Irving January 30, 2009
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