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Another fine euphemism for the old birth canal, the fishwrinkle, the snatch, the fleshy female fun bag, the pleasure inny. (ie. the Vagina)
The man inserts his penis into the woman's (let's call her Charis) Meat Donut. 9 months later, a baby comes back out the woman's (let's call her Charis again) Meat Donut and the man is nowhere in sight.
by Cpt. Scotty September 07, 2005
A snazzy word for butt hole. Most commonly used as an add-on to an already disgusting description of what you just did in a bathroom.
1. I just ejected some chocolate rain out of my meat donut.

2. John, please stop leaking breeze from your meat donut.
by Gregans June 02, 2011