a red penis
that guy has a meanis
by john gooooooooo September 26, 2008
Top Definition
A mean penis, specifically a penis that is holding out which would be a mean thing to do. Also includes people who happen to have penises that are exceptionally mean.
Snexys was quite irate to find that Chris would not do her. She informed him that he was being a mean penis, to which Locked called him a meanis. As snexys and locked walked away to go be naughty in front of Grant instead of Chris, Chris cried himself to sleep for he was now more useless in bed than a seemingly gay foreigner.
by Lckd_N_Lded September 22, 2007
Southern slang term for "Man Penis"
Dang corey has a big meanis.
by grantisreallyfat October 28, 2010
a mean man.
"damn he was being a meanis!!"

"i know he shouldn't have bailed out on us.. what an ass"
by sayellotomylittlefrannnn May 04, 2009
a mean penis
shut up you meanis, I'll kill you.
by Anonymous March 25, 2003

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